Blender – fruit sweet and veggie – Rethymno

//Blender – fruit sweet and veggie – Rethymno
Blender ρεθυμνο

About Blender – Rethymno

Blender – fruit sweet and veggie – Rethymno !

Healthy living, need an energy boost to the system, Blender is the place !


This is the place where magic is made, where your health makes a turn for the best. The natural boost for your day, be it with food, fruit Blender serves you life, energy join us and start living to the full. With a variety of fruit, berries and much more.

Opening hours early morning until late at night.

Blender is a lifestyle, live to the full CYOU there!

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Ελευθερίου Βενιζέλου 61 Réthymno, Rethimni, Greece

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