I would like you to shoot my event how do i go about it?
You are welcome to get in touch with our photographers or send us details for your event so that we can arrange it further.

How do i remove my picture from your website?
Please send us a link of your photo via our contact form and state the reason you would like it to be removed.

How do i print my picture from your website?
You are welcome to download the picture or go into any Photoshop and have them print it for you.

Can i have my picture without logos?
Logos are there to promote an event or venue unfortunately we do not allow pictures without logos unless requested before event.

How do i join the CYOU team
See contacts

I want to join the CYOU team do i have to pay anything?
No its totally free.
To use our CYOU engine you firstly need to me approved than trained so that you get empowered to expand your services in Photography and Videography.

I am a venue (business) owner, why should i join CYOU?
Your digital footprint is important to bring new revenue that you would not have had otherwise.

What is “digital footprint“?
On the Internet a digital footprint is the word used to describe the trail, traces or “footprints” that people leave online.

I have a Facebook page, do i need a digital footprint?
The more exposure the better, we focus on multiple web portals to give you the best exposure possible. Facebook is turning down your exposure every day, making you dependent on them. We spread the risk across the latest and best social media’s.

I have a wedding / baptism / special event can you arrange a photographer?
Yes, send us your contact details including your mobile number and a professional will contact you for more details. Please send us as much details of event as possible, e.g location, number of guests, times and budget.

Events tab on website, how do i add my event so it can be seen on your website and what does it cost? 
You can join our group for free and share your event or post a photo with details, this way it will be published to Facebook and website.

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